Aguada Anchorage - Flower Ceremony & Mehndi

Sheila & Ajay - Day One - 2nd December 2010

Aguada Anchorage, Sinquerim, Goa, India

Day one started with a traditional flower ceremony. Ajay's female family members 'decorated' Sheila with various flower garlands and make up and at the end Ajay presented Sheila with a ring.

In the evening we all got together for Sheila's Mehndi and Sangeet night. Due to some lighting issues, improvisation was needed in order for the Henna party to continue in the dark. Thankfully, most people were able to use their mobiles for light!

The evening ended with some lively karaoke.

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Wedding Photos Aguada Anchorage

Sheila & Ajay's wedding photos at Aguada Anchorage.

Aguada Anchorage Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Aguada Anchorage by Debra & Paul.