Café Shore Wedding

Suzanne & Neil - 25th September 2010

St. Andrew's Church, Kinson, Dorset
Café Shore, Sandbanks, Dorset

For our second wedding in a row, today's groom was also a triathlete and ironman competitor! Neil has had his fair share of accidents in the past, so Suzanne must've been pleased to see him in one piece at the end of the aisle.

Although bright and sunny, it was a particularly cold and windy September day, so the guests were more than happy to chill out inside the fantastic setting of Café Shore, Sandbanks.

We were happy to see magician James Brown there keeping everyone entertained. We've seen him do his act before and he impressed us yet again.

As the guests arrived at their tables they were treated to guest biographies which had been compiled by Neil and contained photos and a write up of each and every one of them, some which we could see from the reactions were extremely funny.

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"Thanks for sending the link through, the photos are fab! They all look great ... Thanks again for everything, the photos are great (most of my family have been in tears looking at them!)"

Suzanne & Neil, London

Café Shore Wedding Photos

Suzanne & Neil's wedding photos at Café Shore.

Café Shore Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Café Shore by Debra & Paul.