Chaffeymoor Grange Wedding

Rachel & Matthew - 8th December 2012

Chaffeymoor Grange, Bourton, Dorset

Rachel and Matthew met on the set of "Most Haunted" where Rachel was script supervisor and Matthew appeared as resident parapsychologist. They were joined by their daughter Freya and closest friends and family for their festive wedding at Chaffeymoor Grange.

Magician Mark Leveridge (budding magician Matthew used to buy magic supplies off him years ago) kept the guests entertained.

During the incredibly emotional speeches, one of the glass candle holders shattered right next to Ciarán, another "Most Haunted" parapsychologist. He looked completely unperturbed and nobody screeched "Did you hear that?" so we calmly carried on.

Throughout the day music was provided by new singing sensation Hannah Trigwell. Rachel discovered Hannah online and was lucky enough to book her before an American record label snapped her up. Not to be outdone though, Matthew also treated Rachel to his own ditty accompanied by nephew Jake.

We left just after the rather hit and miss attempts to launch some Chinese lanterns!

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"Thank you so much for sending through the wedding photos! We watched them together yesterday and relived the whole day. We smiled, laughed and there were even a few tears. We will spend so much time looking at them and reliving the day and can't wait to share them with our friends and family - who all had such a wonderful day. We can't thank you enough for the way you have beautifully captured our day and the fact that we barely noticed you there! We will definitely recommend you to anyone who asks and even those who don't!"

Rachel & Matthew, London

Wedding Photographers Chaffeymoor Grange

Rachel & Matthew's wedding by Chaffeymoor Grange wedding photographers, Debra & Paul.