Chine Hotel Wedding

Lauren & Gavin - 8th January 2011

Bournemouth Town Hall, Dorset
Chine Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset

Lauren told us she had already chosen us to be her wedding photographers even before Gavin had proposed to her on a Devon beach! Luckily, Royal Marine Gavin seemed to be quite happy with the arrangement.

Lauren's brother Ben, also a Marine, had been Best Man at one of our previous weddings and it was great to see him again.

Highlight of the day for Gavin (and his Spurs supporting family), apart from marrying the beautiful Lauren of course, was bumping into his all time footballing hero Paul Gascoigne, or "Gazza" as we all know him.

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OK, so we never, ever take grip and grin pictures like this but ...

I've just bumped into Gazza on his own in reception after being tipped off by Debi that she's sure it's him. Standing there in front of him with a camera in my hand, he must have thought the press were harassing him again. Once I explained what I was doing and that Gavin's family were big Spurs fans he was delighted to wander downstairs for a chat before disappearing to the gym.

"Absolutely amazing!!!! We love them! You captured exactly what I wanted and Gavin is so pleased we chose you for our day. The music is perfect too! Thank you so so much!! ... Oh I can't wait to fill our photo frames, so excited!! Thank you!!"

Lauren & Gavin, Exmouth

Chine Hotel Wedding Photos

Lauren & Gavin's wedding photos at Chine Hotel.

Chine Hotel Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Chine Hotel by Debra & Paul.