Engagement Shoot London

Cindy & Chris - 4th September 2012

Cindy and Chris contacted us from Hong Kong asking if we did engagement shoots. Well usually the answer would be no, it doesn't suit our style, but Cindy and Chris sounded such a relaxed couple, we said yes.

We had a great time wandering around the places which held memories for them. However we don't think they'd done their research properly before we visited University College London, having studied there several years ago. We expected to have a quiet stroll around out of term time, but we just happened to turn up on Graduation Day!

We enjoyed a traditional British lunch and at the end of the day, whilst we sat together at St. James' Court having a drink, it was quite sad to say our good byes. What a shame they hadn't contacted us earlier before booking a photographer for their wedding in Hong Kong. Cindy and Chris were a lovely couple with a great sense of humour and we really hope to see them again one day in the future.

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"It was a splendid day and you two have made it something more than special."

"Thank you very much indeed! I have been sitting in front of the computer this morning and waiting for this email. The photos are simply stunning and we both love them."

"Firstly, nothing is more suitable than starting with a deep gratitude to Paul and Debi. Big thank you to you two. The shooting has made special to all of us simply because Paul and Debi seldom take engagement shoot for couples, but it turned out the chemistry between us was unexpectable. Paul and Debi are lovely people with recognized photography skills and enthusiasm. We had together spent a splendid day in London with all the surprises came in, like crowd shooting together with Paul and Debi at Buckingham Palace, coaches stopping for us like pedestrians, getting lost in Regent's Park and also the unexpected crowd at UCL. These were tiny little pieces which could be annoying during the time but you smile when looking back few years later. Thank you for walking through all these with us and capturing all these extraordinary moments. The photos are exquisite, breathtaking and sensational. We, our family and our friends simply LOVE it. Take care!"

Cindy & Chris, Hong Kong