The George in Rye Wedding

Kate & Simon - 29th December 2011

The George in Rye, East Sussex

Today we headed to the historic town of Rye in East Sussex for the post Christmas wedding of Kate and Simon. It was very much a day for the family as there were almost as many children as adults present and Kate and Simon's daughter Martha was the most excited of them all.

The George is a beautiful boutique hotel and like many of this type is lit throughout with spotlights, a really tricky lighting situation for any photographer.

Probably the funniest moment of the day was during the speeches. Geologist Simon had just explained how Iceland had been formed (something to do with lava and tectonic plates moving!) but this was too much information for one young guest as she proceeded to repeatedly put her hand to her mouth and yawn loudly before covering her ears and sitting on an empty table. She was later removed!

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"The pictures are absolutely wonderful!! We wanted to wait for an opportunity to view the pictures in peace so decided to do it when the kids had finally gone to sleep last night. We were still up at 4am!! Partly because of the really slow internet connection in our room but also because we couldn't stop watching the day unfolding over again, rather than wait until the morning. We said on the day how hard you had worked and what a long day it must have been for you and we are so thrilled with the results. Amazing how you seem to have been in so many places at the same moment, without either of us even realising! We love how you have captured the emotions on so many people's faces and we laughed and cried along with them. Fantastic. Thank you so so much!"

Kate & Simon, Surrey

Wedding Photos George in Rye

Kate & Simon's wedding photos at George in Rye.

George in Rye Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at George in Rye by Debra & Paul.