Highcliffe Castle Wedding

Sasha & Kevin - 17th July 2009

Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch, Dorset

We were amazed by Sasha's ability to stay so calm during the morning. Malfunctioning hot hair rollers and eyelashes that wouldn't stick would usually be a disaster, let alone on your wedding day with only your two teenage daughters to help.

Sasha and Kevin's six children were a very important part of the day and were included in the humanist ceremony which followed their impromptu nuptials in their home town back in Canada.

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"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your talents with us on our wedding day. We are so happy to have the story of our day to look back on ... At the end of our wedding day we both agreed it was everything we ever dreamed of. We not only really loved your work but also like you both and felt like you were a couple of old friends capturing our special day."

"Sasha and I are just completing a Digital SLR course at Focal Point studios here in Vancouver. We have been inspired by you both and we are now going on to further our education as we have enrolled in Intermediate Digital SLR and also Wedding Photography ... Suffice it to say, we have become more critical viewers of images as we gain more knowledge and have been viewing other photographer's websites. The more sites we visit, the more we get to appreciate your fabulous work. Without a doubt and with total sincerity, your photographs are way above any others that we have witnessed. We would recommend no other, but you. In our opinion, you are beyond compare. You also happen to be incredibly nice people too. Our wedding was a very special day that we look back on with joy. This is in large part due to the mood, happiness, and emotion that you captured in our wedding images. We have a beautiful record we can continue to look back at to remind us of that wonderful day. Thanks, thanks, more thanks, extra special thanks etc etc"

Sasha & Kevin, British Colombia, Canada

Wedding Photos Highcliffe Castle

Sasha & Kevin's wedding photos at Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch, Dorset.

Highcliffe Castle Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Highcliffe Castle by Debra & Paul.