Hornsbury Mill Wedding

Mitch & John - 5th September 2009

Hornsbury Mill, Eleighwater, Somerset

For the second time in as many weeks, a bride had decided to make her own dress! Mitch looked beautiful in hers - it totally suited her.

Mitch and John both work in the Royal Navy Met Office so had therefore decided a month prior that the ceremony was to be held outside. Even during a brief rain shower half an hour before the ceremony, John was confident that by the time Mitch arrived it would be dry, and he was right. Next time we plan to visit John's native Scotland, we'll check the weather with them before we book.

This wedding was full of surprises. John surprised Mitch twice, he'd arranged a bagpiper to play them through the guard of honour and for one day only, he was wearing one cufflink with the flag of St. Andrew, and one with the flag of St. George.

The other surprise for the guests was the arrival of one of the world's greatest Elvis impersonators, Barry Paull, having recently entertained the McLaren Formula One team. Luckily for Mitch and John, he lives two doors from Mitch's parents so we don't think this gig was quite as profitable! We have to say though, he was amazing.

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"We will send you a longer email when we have stopped crying!!! They are just out of this world."

"We'll get back to you with some detailed feedback once we've stopped repeating the slideshow over and over and over and ..... Suffice to say for the moment, they're more than we'd even hoped for."

"Firstly, please accept our apologies for the long delay in writing to thank you for your amazing photographs. Between our honeymoon and a very hectic time at work we have fallen behind very badly. That said, a large part of the delay has been trying to find the words to describe how pleased we are with the pictures. Having read other testimonials we had an idea of what to expect, but nothing prepared us for the impact of seeing the story of our own wedding told so vividly and so beautifully. When we first played the slideshow we were both overwhelmed by the emotion of re-living the day. It was quite amazing to see all the details that we missed ourselves, or that we couldn't have seen because we simply weren't there. Between you both, you managed to be everywhere! Not only that but, unseen by almost everyone, you caught every important glance, action and expression. As with most brides and grooms, we have slightly fragmented memories of the day, but your pictures fill the gaps and provide a continuous thread that joins our recollections together into a wonderful narrative. Everyone who has seen the pictures has commented on how you managed to capture the mood and happiness of the day rather than just the events. We can almost hear the music, tears and laughter when we look at them; and there's barely a day goes by that we don't look at them! Your work has allowed us to share our day with many more than could attend and the images will keep it fresh in our minds forever. Thank you both so much."

"Thank you so much for making everything just perfect - we will treasure the beautiful story you have given us forever."

Mitch & John, Ilminster

Hornsbury Mill Wedding Photos

Mitch & John's wedding photos at Hornsbury Mill, Eleighwater, Somerset.

Hornsbury Mill Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Hornsbury Mill by Debra & Paul.