Huntsham Court Wedding

Emma & Rik - 29th October 2013

Huntsham Court, Tiverton, Devon

Emma and Rik work together 24/7 (we know how that feels!) Rik is the captain of a superyacht, Emma the chef and their yachting friends had flown in from all over the world to the wonderful venue of Huntsham Court. When we first met, Emma and Rik told us there would be some big characters attending and they weren't wrong!

The great thing about Huntsham Court is that the people that choose to get married there do so with the plan of having a fantastic fun and relaxed time with their friends and family without the usual formal restrictions of many wedding venues.

The day was full of surprises and very entertaining. From the humanist ceremony, the tableside sing-a-long performance of band The Cosmic Sausages to the reuniting of Rik with his childhood sweetheart, his skateboard which had been hidden away in his best man's parents' garage for over 20 years!

There was also a surprise raffle. First prize was the chance to shave off Rik's trademark curly locks. Some of the girls gave money for him NOT to get rid of them but it was unanimous amongst the blokes, they were coming off. Emma coped well with the transformation of her new hubby and over £2,000 was raised for a charity for old people in the North-East.

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"Excuse my French but f**k me we are utterly blown away and speechless for once ... I can't write anything printable to say how amazed, overwhelmed and close to tears we are, I want to relive it again and again. I can't see us getting any work done tomorrow, I'm just going to replay that over and over all day until I am sick of that tune .. if that would ever be possible. You guys ... are f*****g good. Really. PS Sorry for the strong language but I had to say it how it was."

Captain Rik & Emma, Sy Antares III, somewhere in Israel

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Emma & Rik's wedding photos at Huntsham Court.

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Emma & Rik's wedding by Huntsham Court wedding photographers Debra & Paul.