Lorton House Wedding

Catherine & Laurence - 14th August 2010

St. Andrew's Church, Preston, Dorset
Lorton House, Broadwey, Dorset

Lorton House is one of those hidden gems that very few of the locals in Weymouth even know about.

After the Met Office had forecast torrential rain all week, we were amazed that the sun came out just as Catherine and Laurence were leaving St. Andrew's Church and it pretty much stayed that way for the rest of the day. We even managed to take a stroll on Bowleaze Cliff, where Catherine made new friends with Shih Tzus Ted and Tim.

Back at Lorton House after afternoon tea, sandwiches, scones and cream, the guests had a game of cricket before the excellent band Shooter set the evening off.

Catherine and Laurence are probably reading this from an internet café somewhere in the States as they begin their year long round the world trip.

All four of us now share the same wedding anniversary and thank you for remembering ours.

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"... It was such a great day, and you played a really big part in making it so. I have to admit, I felt really nervous about your arrival in the morning. I already had my fair share of wedding nerves, and I was concerned that throwing a photographer into the mix might make me feel even more self-conscious and uncomfortable. I was also worried that we might have to put on some kind of a 'show' for the cameras, and I knew I wasn't capable of that. However, from the moment Debi arrived in the room, I felt incredibly comfortable and calm around her. I can't believe that I was happy to get dressed and put make up on with someone taking photos the whole time, but that's how easy you made it. Thank you so much Debi, and Holly says a big thank you for the safety pins! When we chose you as our wedding photographers, we were hoping that you would blend in with the guests, and be almost unnoticed during the day. In the event, it was so much better than that. Rather than being unnoticed, it felt like you were part of the wedding, like any other guest, and Laurence and I were genuinely glad to have you there. Your willingness to chat to our friends and family (and even take part in the cricket game Paul!) was very much appreciated, and we had so many comments the next day about how great you were. So many of our recently married friends had warned us that the photos would be one of the most difficult parts of the day, and yet you made it all so easy. At no point did we feel that we had to do anything special for the camera, yet I am sure that you got more than enough photos to tell the story of our day. We have had a lot of decisions to make over the organisation of this wedding, but I can quite confidently say that choosing you was the best (and all this without even seeing the photos yet!). Thank you so much for being a part of our day, we can't wait to see the photos when they do go up, and I promise that we will get back to you about the album as soon as we are able to take a break from lazing on sandy beaches, eating exotic foods, hiking through stunning scenery, etc. etc.!"

Catherine & Laurence, Weymouth

"Thank you for letting us know the photos are up. We are currently staying in Hollywood, in the world's noisiest hostel, so we didn't get to watch them in the most ideal place. We were stuck sitting in a crowded kitchen, surrounded by drunken 18 year olds and completely unable to hear the music over the racket, but despite this they were still fantastic! We've seen so many photos from friends and family that I was worried I wouldn't feel anything special when we were watching them, but I needn't have worried. They were wonderful and I could tell from Laurence's giant grin that he loved watching them as much as I did. They even made me forget our grubby surroundings for a few minutes! We're moving on to New Zealand tomorrow, and I'm hoping that we will be able to find a bit of peace and quiet to sit and watch them properly, with the music this time, and we'll try and send a proper thank you email then. At the moment, I just want to say how grateful I am that you managed to get so many lovely photos of my grandma. I hardly got to see her on the day because she couldn't stay long, and now I obviously am not going to see her for some time, so these are really special to me."

Catherine & Laurence, Hollywood

"Thank you so much for everything Debi and Paul, Catherine said a lot of what we felt. Our wedding photos were a big disappointment years ago and I so hoped that Catherine and Laurence would choose well as you cannot replace those memories. What can we say, you felt like a part of our family so quickly, and knowing how much Catherine was dreading having photos taken as she didn't want to be the centre of attention, although we did say that would be hard, you have managed something I never thought possible in catching the Catherine and Laurence we know and love showing their true selves, you have captured some wonderful memories and as you rightly suggested we did have tears and laughter. As Catherine said the photos of my mother will be so important to us, everyone has told us how much they love looking at the photos. You have managed to make people Catherine hasn't seen for a while and who don't know her family cry and laugh, but most of all you have encapsulated the whole enjoyment of a very special day for a lot of people to keep for years to come and we cannot recommend you highly enough. Hopefully we may meet again, after all we still have one daughter left!!!"

Sue & Brian, Catherine's parents

Wedding Photos Lorton House

Catherine & Laurence's wedding photos at Lorton House.

Lorton House Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Lorton House by Debra & Paul.