Mylor Churchtown Wedding

Charlotte & Rory - 30th April 2011

St. Mylor Church, Mylor Churchtown, Cornwall
Marquee at Chyglaze, Mylor Churchtown, Cornwall

As anyone who married on 30th April this year now realises, there was a danger of THAT wedding stealing their thunder!

For Rory and Charlotte (or Barley as absolutely everybody on the day called her) there was never any doubt that this wouldn't be the case.

Like that other wedding, the music during the ceremony was breathtaking. Barley's choir, The New London Singers, was led by renowned conductor Ivor Setterfield who appeared on BBC's Maestro as mentor to Goldie. Barley's dad Peter even composed a piece sung by the choir.

Also like that other wedding, the reception took place at the groom's family home, although we doubt if even Buckingham Palace could compete with the stunning location and beautiful views at Chyglaze.

In the evening the musical theme continued as Rory's dad Roger took his place in the band. Now we don't imagine that other groom's dad did this! Barley and Rory meanwhile, along with their guests, hit the dancefloor, stopping only for Barley to change into her 'jive' dress before they both gave an impressive display of Lindy Hop.

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"Wow - thank you so much - they are absolutely brilliant! We have only been through them once but just had to reply now and say how delighted we are with them - we cannot get over what an incredible job you have done. A million thank yous - and more to follow when we have properly digested them - we are absolutely blown away. We'll be in touch re albums etc in due course but for now we just want to watch them over and over again and show them to everyone!"

"I can't tell you how many compliments we have received on your photos, and Ivor and the choir are really chuffed with the blog. Pretty much everyone has said that they have never seen such great wedding photos before - and we would concur!"

"Here's a quote from an email we received yesterday that I thought you'd appreciate:

'I spent quite a lot of time last night looking through the slide show of photos and I have to say (and I don't say this lightly having been a bit of an amateur photographer myself a while back) they are by far the best wedding photos I have ever seen! I don't know where you found them but their camera technique and eye for a great photographic moment were frankly exceptional!'"

"We don't know where to begin in thanking you for producing such a wonderful record of our wedding day. The photos are absolutely amazing. The shots you've captured are vivid, stylish, relaxed, honest-as-well-as-flattering, and have completely exceeded our expectations. We haven't been able to keep ourselves from going through them time & time again, and the difficulty we're having in shortlisting the album shots is testament to the consistent quality. But most importantly of all, you really did manage to capture the spirit - fun, excitement & emotion - of the day and the personalities of everyone in the shots. The photos really tell the story, in vivid language, of the happiest day of our lives.

We were also both incredibly impressed by your blend of professional conduct and personal warmth on the day. It hasn't ceased to amaze us how unobtrusive you both were at the same time as capturing such intimate shots, particularly before & during the ceremony. One of the things that impressed us most from the outset was your ability to put everyone at ease - ourselves included - and remember everyone's names and relationships to us. Paul, Tom told us that when you arrived on Friday evening you wound down the car window and said: 'You must be Tom'. What an introduction! He's not the only person to have made awed comments about your conduct and your product; we've had a stream of compliments about you from our friends and family. You're a brilliant team!

We're also very grateful for the time you spent with us. We hadn't expected you to come down to Cornwall the evening before, look over the locations & attend the wedding rehearsal - that was much appreciated. We also hadn't expected you to stay so late into the evening, or to appear to be enjoying yourselves so much!! It was a long day for you (and a long drive home) so thank you again for staying so late.

We're mightily impressed - and grateful - that the photos were awaiting our return from honeymoon. What an exciting first viewing! And we're certain that we'll get decades of enjoyment from them. Thank you again."

Charlotte & Rory, London

"Every picture tells a story ... Done well guys, done well."

"Itchy eye .... again."

Eddie, Charlotte's brother

Wedding Photos Mylor Churchtown

Charlotte & Rory's wedding photos at Mylor Churchtown.

Mylor Churchtown Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Mylor Churchtown by Debra & Paul.