Orchardleigh Estate Wedding

Emma & Steve - 29th October 2010

St. Mary's Church, Orchardleigh Estate, Frome, Somerset
Orchardleigh House, Orchardleigh Estate, Frome, Somerset

We were back at Orchardleigh Estate for the second time this year for the wedding of Emma and Steve. This time the ceremony was in the famous 'Island Church' which although beautiful, on a dark winter's day it's the darkest church we've ever shot in by a long way. As there's no electricity it can get a bit cold too.

The children definitely stole the show today. Usher Robert carried out his duties perfectly, bridesmaid Elizabeth looked lovely and little baby James just couldn't help but get involved during the ceremony.

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"First impressions are that they are even more fantastic than we expected (and having spent a lot of time looking at your website we were already expecting great things)."

"The photos would be wonderful taken in any conditions, but the results that you have achieved in really difficult lighting are quite astounding, and not just once but over and over again, to have produced so many fantastic shots that are well composed, well lit (and the way that you have used the natural light in the house and the church is brilliant) and capture the essence of our day, whilst moving amongst 60-odd people who were really not going to any trouble to help you, makes us so pleased that we chose you. And as you had said, once you had started we simply forgot you were there to the extent that when you said goodbye when you were leaving we were surprised that you were still there. And it was only seeing the photos that reminded us that you were in the car with us on the way back from the church! The other great thing about your method of working is that as well as a wonderful record of our day, we also have an abundance of exceptional photos of our children, friends and family. We knew as soon as we saw your website that you were head and shoulders above any other wedding photographers that we had seen, but in a sense the wedding bit is irrelevant, you just take great photos ... Thanks again."

Emma & Steve, Harpenden

Wedding Photographers Orchardleigh Estate

Emma & Steve's wedding photos by Orchardleigh Estate wedding photographers, Debra & Paul.