Parley Manor Wedding

Gemma & Nick - 12th July 2013

St. Andrew's Church, Kinson, Dorset
Parley Manor, Christchurch, Dorset

This was the first wedding of the long awaited heatwave and we were so impressed by Gem's calmness on the day. She managed to overcome her Orders of Service arriving unassembled on the actual wedding morning, her hooped underskirt being forgotten by the dress shop and arriving 30 minutes before she needed to leave and also a huge wardrobe malfunction when her zip pull broke before she'd even unzipped her dress to put it on. Luckily a substitute was found (a crochet hook) and Gem only ended up being half an hour late!

Parley Manor is a picturesque setting and is run extremely efficiently, the owner insisting on ringing Nick's phone (which was vibrating in his pocket) during the actual ceremony to find out where they were and demanding that the ushers come to the venue immediately after the service! The ushers certainly know where they stand here (literally!). Luckily they were as laid back as Gem and Nick.

When we first met Gem and Nick we just knew we were going to get on great on the day. In fact it took us ages to say goodbye to them as true to best man Mark's speech, Nick wouldn't stop shaking our hands and hugging us!

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"Absolutely fantastic ... We love them! Just going to watch them again now. We're really happy with them and it's brought the whole day flooding back. We can't thank you guys enough. It was a minefield choosing a photographer in the beginning and we both knew too that you guys were the right team for the gig when we first drove up to meet you both. This is just what we were looking for. Thanks again guys."

Nick & Gemma, Bournemouth

"Thanks again - both of you - for a top notch job at the wedding. Having you hang out with the Groom's party for the day was a pleasure; you kept things very relaxed and low key, which I'm sure helped us minimise stress levels to an acceptable level!"

Mark Inness, Best Man

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Gemma & Nick's wedding photos at Parley Manor.

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Gemma & Nick's wedding by Parley Manor wedding photographers Debra & Paul.