Somerset House Wedding

Grace & Alex - 28th August 2011

Somerset House, Strand, London
Tuli Chinese Restaurant, London Bridge, London

We were very pleased to be photographing the wedding of Grace and Alex as they had been guests at the wedding of Viv and Dat back in 2009. It was great seeing Viv and Dat again as they now live in Singapore.

The thing we love about Chinese weddings is that there is so much to photograph. The day started with 'tasks' for Taekwando black belt Alex and his male friends to perform before being allowed into the house to 'collect' Grace. We swear they get more harsh each time we see them!

Following a tea ceremony both Grace and Alex changed out of their Chinese outfits into English wedding clothes before heading off to spectacular Somerset House in central London for the wedding. It proved to be quite emotional for Grace!

Later in the day we all headed off to Tuli Chinese Restaurant for an amazing 10 course banquet.

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"Oh wow!!! The photos are so wonderful! We were just beginning to get a bit of wedding withdrawal, so this has been perfectly timed!!! We LOVED going through them, they have really captured the mood of the day, every photo brought a smile to our faces, and jogged a memory and story that we had not recalled before! Thank you both so much for being such an integral part of the day and we hope you both enjoyed the day as much as we did! Our friend, Leona - (she was the one in red in the morning and had the widest grin... ) emailed me yesterday to tell me she had spent over 2 hours looking at all the photos in the gallery! She absolutely loves them all, and wished us a LOT of luck with choosing just 100! hehehe! :D"

"Just to say that the album came safe and sound. It's beautiful!!! Love it so much, thank you both so much - we were honoured to have you guys as part of our wedding, and are more than pleased with such beautiful photos!"

Grace & Alex, London

"Well done Paul and Debra! We get a real sense of such a special day. Lovely photos. We sat with you at the table at Tuli btw!!"

Karina Wilkinson

Wedding Photos Somerset House

Grace & Alex's wedding photos at Somerset House.

Somerset House Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Somerset House by Debra & Paul.