St. Albans Cathedral Wedding

Nicola & Dominic - 8th June 2012

St. Albans Cathedral and Abbey Church, Hertfordshire
St. Michael's Manor, St. Albans, Hertfordshire

Nicola and Dominic's wedding at St. Albans Cathedral.

St. Albans Cathedral is the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in the UK and is an incredibly impressive buiding. It is still the scene of a pilgrimage each year for Saint Alban.

Nicola and Dominic's ceremony was held in the Lady Chapel. There were a few restrictions on photography during the ceremony but thankfully we managed to work round them.

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"They are superb! Many thanks to you both."

Dominic, London

"We really love the photos, thank you very much. We looked at them the night we got back as you advised with a glass of wine and it brought everything back. There are some great shots in there and it's going to be a tough job narrowing it down."

Nicola, London

Wedding Photos St. Albans Cathedral

Nicola & Dominic's wedding photos at St. Albans Cathedral.

St. Albans Cathedral Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at St. Albans Cathedral by Debra & Paul.