Taj Holiday Village Wedding

Sheila & Ajay - Day Three - 4th December 2010

Taj Holiday Village Beach Resort, Candolim, Goa, India

We were extremely honoured to be asked to fly to India to photograph Sheila and Ajay's Indian wedding, having photographed their Civil Wedding in Cambridgeshire earlier in the year. We were blown away by the hospitality shown to us by both families.

The ceremony began with Ajay being greeted by Sheila's family with a series of blessings.

Sheila arrived accompanied by her uncles and the marriage ceremony started. There were many nuptial processes and Sheila and Ajay made sure that they included parts from both family's regional cultures.

The whole three days was an amazing experience for us, and one we'll treasure. Thank you to everyone for making our stay so pleasurable.

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"We feel very honoured that you were able to fly out to India to photograph our wedding and hopefully in return you were able to enjoy the celebrations as you became very much a part of the family. We look forward to seeing the photographs, we're sure that they will be amazing."

"The photos are amazing and good choice of background music! We love the end result, you've captured the occasions brilliantly. Once again, we're very grateful to you for flying out to India to photograph our wedding, you remained professional and friendly throughout and both families will never forget you. Thank you so much for everything, you have not let us down."

Sheila & Ajay, London

"Me and Chiggs are just looking at Sheila and Ajay's wedding photos! Oh My God, they are amazing!!! You guys really do know how to capture the moment and grab the emotions ... we feel like we want to go back right now and re-live the whole thing again!! I hope you both enjoyed it as much as we did and you got to chill and make the most of it! The photos are amazing and I hope we get to experience you guys taking photos with us, or friends, family again very soon!"

Sheena, Sheila's sister

Wedding Photos Taj Holiday Village

Sheila & Ajay's wedding photos at Taj Holiday Village.

Taj Holiday Village Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Taj Holiday Village by Debra & Paul.