Finnish Wedding at Voiman Talo, Leppäkoski

Emmi & Imran - 11th August 2012

Voiman Talo, Leppäkoski, Finland

We were thrilled when only hours after we'd put part one of Emmi and Imran's wedding live on the site, Emmi called to arrange for us to travel to Finland for part two, just a fortnight later, in Emmi's home village of Leppäkoski.

Finnish weddings are so relaxed - no group shots, no posed portraits, no wedding organisers and not a spreadsheet in sight! The emphasis is on having fun, and believe us, the Finns know how to do this!

We had a fantastic time and were completely blown away by the warmth, humour and sincerity of the people here. Let's not forget the Brits either who made the trip (and the Irish).

Best Man Simon endeared himself to the locals by delivering part of his speech in Finnish. The speeches had everyone in tears, including us. Emmi, Imran and his family, and his lovely sister Saba have been through a very traumatic experience but it had an incredibly happy ending, as witnessed by all of us today.

There are so many people we'd like to personally thank but to all the Finns:

Haluaisimme kiittää Emmin sukua ja ystäviä heidän päivän aikana osoittamastaan suuresta lämmöstä ja vieraanvaraisuudesta. Toivottavasti tapaamme teidät kaikki jonain päivänä kun palaamme kauniiseen maahanne.

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"Emmi and I can't thank you enough for EVERYTHING. We're so grateful that you guys made it to Finland with us. As well as being great photographers, you're fun to be around. So thank you! We hope you had fun too."

Imran, London

"Thanks from me too, it really has been such a great pleasure to have you with us during our 2012 Wedding Tour. We were planning on making some tour t-shirts for the people involved and if that happens, you will surely be in line for ones. Just wanted to also add that so many of my relatives and friends have been singing your praises (and few even asked for contact details to send you guys thank you letters) on how great you were during the wedding whilst taking photos and just generally how awesome people you are. Like Imran said, we just truly feel so incredibly lucky to have had you there ... As photographers and by now, also as friends :) Feeling a bit sad that now as the weddings are over, we won't be seeing you again but who knows, maybe we will bump into you at some other wedding or even in some other way ... At least I really, really hope so! Thanks again, lots of love and hope all is well."

Emmi, London

"Jesus! You've done it again! Those pictures are absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much. They are so lovely! We're so lucky to have you attend both weddings, which are quite different events but you captured them in exactly the manner we were always looking for ... Once again, we thank you so much. We're so happy!"

Imran, London

"Wanted to just drop you an email from myself too ... even though there isn't much more to add than what Imran already said; you really have done it again! I watched the slideshow 2 times last night and I think I'm up to 3 times today. I love, love, love the pictures. Every single one of them reminds me of a certain moment during the day and all of them together just make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside ... I love them so, so much and they are just everything we wanted them to be ... Thanks for everything Debi & Paul. Love you, if possible, even more than after the previous set of pictures! :D"

Emmi, London

"Thank you so much for the lovely photos you just put up! You guys are amazing! We were so lucky to have you at Emmi & Imran's wedding in Finland."

Eeva Rautio

"Kiitos Debra and Paul. Annoitte minulle ihanimmat muistot emmin ja imranin häistä. Teille on aina sauna lämmin kotonani suomessa."

"Thank you Debra and Paul. You gave me the most loveliest memories from Emmi and Imran's weddings. My sauna will always be warm for you two. (A Finnish way of saying you will always be welcome to visit!)"

Sirkka Viitanen, Emmi's mum (Translated by Emmi)

"Amazing job! Easy to see why you guys are the best in the business. I've been reminiscing Emmi's and Imran's wedding for a few weeks now and the set brought back the fun we had during the day and night. Thank you!"

Mikko Hongisto

Wedding Photos Voiman Talo Leppäkoski

Emmi & Imran's wedding photos at Voiman Talo Leppäkoski.

Voiman Talo Leppäkoski Wedding Photography

Wedding photography at Voiman Talo Leppäkoski by Debra & Paul.