Marie-Claire & Dave

St. Nicholas' Church, Stretton, Rutland
The Finch's Arms, Hambleton, Rutland

"Thank you once again for your work at our wedding, you have definitely created some lasting memories of our special day and Marie-Claire has already started recommending you to people!"

"It appears there is no such thing as married bliss in the Navy and we will now be apart for over half of the year, with me still working in Rutland. However, having the gorgeous photos to look at online really helps bring a huge smile to my face when I'm missing him!"

"Many thanks for all your hard work, it has been lovely to go through the album design this morning, reliving the whole experience again! You captured it so perfectly!"

Marie-Claire & Dave, Stretton
Samantha & Luke

St. Mark's Church, Bournemouth, Dorset
The Orchid Hotel, Bournemouth, Dorset

"We want to thank you so much for our incredible photographs. They are fantastic and so much more than we expected. It's outstanding how two photographers can capture all the emotion of a wedding so perfectly. We are privileged to have shared our special day with you and we honestly didn't realise you were there most of the day."

Samantha & Luke, Bournemouth
Sarah & Paul

Stoke Place, Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire

"We just wanted to say a huge thank you for a great set of photos from our wonderful wedding day. Somehow you managed to be in the right position at the right time all day long with discretion, subtlety and respect. You have given us both a fantastic reminder of our day, and effortlessly captured the character of our families together with the relaxed, fun feeling of the day. We've had a lot of positive comments on your photos from many of our friends, so I'm sure well see you again very soon when their weddings come along! Once again, thank you so much Paul & Debi. You did us proud."

Sarah & Paul, London
Helen & Chris

Voewood, High Kelling, Norfolk

"Thank you so much, they are amazing pictures and the hundreds of people Helen phoned yesterday evening have absolutely loved them! We followed your advice and had a glass of wine whilst watching the slideshow ... it soon became a bottle though as we spent three hours watching and re-watching ... Thanks again for all your hard work"

Helen & Chris, Norwich
Rachel & Ian

St. Nicholas' Church, Kenilworth, Warwickshire
Welcombe Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire

"We really love looking at our photos (as do many of our guests)."

Rachel & Ian, London

"I've only just managed to view the photos from Rachel and Ian's wedding on 17th October in Stratford and they are fantastic. I was one of Ian's best men so spent the day with Paul and I have to say it was a pleasure. I wasn't sure about having some random stranger (no offence) following us for the day taking photos but, Paul, you managed to set us at ease from the second we met you and made the whole experience a pleasure and a great deal of fun. I'd just like to send my personal thanks for your contribution to making the day such a success and capturing the essence of the day so superbly, there are photos there we can treasure for ever. Paul, I was very nervous throughout the day and you did a wonderful job reassuring me and setting my mind at ease for my BIG moment. It worked a treat and I think the speeches went very well. Once again, many, many thanks for a great day, it was a pleasure to have met you and to have been able to spend the time with you on such a special occasion."

Eric Craig, Ian's Best Man
Clare & Simon

Lewtrenchard Manor, Lewdown, Devon

"We have just got back from our amazing honeymoon and wanted to send you an e-mail to say thanks for your work on our wedding day and we can't wait to see the photos."

"We have had some lovely comments from our friends and family about the photos and we really love them. They have really captured all the fun and silliness as well as the romance and elegance of our day. We really enjoyed you being a part of our day, thank you so much for capturing so many wonderful memories for us."

Clare & Simon, Epsom
Erika & Martin

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Wylye, Wiltshire
Chaffeymoor Grange, Bourton, Dorset

"Thank you so much again for capturing our wedding day - we thoroughly enjoyed having you around and felt so relaxed in front of the cameras even though as we'd said before we hate having our photos taken! And the slide show is fantastic - or what we've seen of it so far - we are currently in Kigali, having a fantastic time but on the slowest internet connection in history!!! We've been here 2 hours and haven't even got up to the church yet!!! We look forward to seeing the rest in the next few days."

"Now we're back from honeymoon and had a chance to properly look at the photos we just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for being with us on our special weekend and capturing it so, so accurately ... We really feel we have re-lived our wedding through your pictures ... the old cliche that a picture tells 1000 words has never felt truer - so magical! The biggest surprise to us on the day was the ease we both felt with you around with the cameras - having our pictures taken isn't our exactly favourite pastime, and Martin in particular was very apprehensive about our wedding photos, so we were amazed at how easy we found it and how unobtrusive you made it ... it actually became fun and were so pleased to share our day with you!"

Erika & Martin, Chertsey

"We have just viewed the slide show and it's fantastic, like reliving the whole day again. Gail is in tears and I have a lump in my throat. You certainly captured the whole relaxed feel that we wanted; just brilliant. Erika and Martin have seen some of it but it appears that the internet connection was very primitive and slow ... so on their behalf a big THANK YOU for a really great job done."

Gail & Ray, Erika's parents
Rachel & Daryl

YHA River Dart, Galmpton, Devon

"What can we say ... the photos are absolutely beautiful, we were mesmorised, in fact we watched them for a full four hours when they first came through - and then Lily arrived and we watched them all over again ... As Daryl said, 90% of them could go on the wall. What I particularly love is that there are so many fantastic shots of our family and friends, so that they too can have a special and meaningful momento from our wedding day. Over and beyond the photos, working with the pair of you was a complete pleasure. You were professional, helpful, sensitive to our needs and just generally lovely! Many of our guests assumed you were our friends - I only hope they're now right ... We'll definitely do our best to spread the word and ensure we meet again. Thank you so much for capturing our magical day so well."

Rachel & Daryl, Torquay

"Well your mum and I are flabbergasted. The wedding pix are the best and most emotive I've ever seen. As you say, they capture the spirit and heart of the day and, like you, we laughed and cried. I think the interjection of mono against the colour is superb artistry."

Peter, Daryl's dad and Best Man
Mitch & John

Hornsbury Mill, Eleighwater, Somerset

"We will send you a longer email when we have stopped crying!!! They are just out of this world."

"We'll get back to you with some detailed feedback once we've stopped repeating the slideshow over and over and over and ..... Suffice to say for the moment, they're more than we'd even hoped for."

"Firstly, please accept our apologies for the long delay in writing to thank you for your amazing photographs. Between our honeymoon and a very hectic time at work we have fallen behind very badly. That said, a large part of the delay has been trying to find the words to describe how pleased we are with the pictures. Having read other testimonials we had an idea of what to expect, but nothing prepared us for the impact of seeing the story of our own wedding told so vividly and so beautifully. When we first played the slideshow we were both overwhelmed by the emotion of re-living the day. It was quite amazing to see all the details that we missed ourselves, or that we couldn't have seen because we simply weren't there. Between you both, you managed to be everywhere! Not only that but, unseen by almost everyone, you caught every important glance, action and expression. As with most brides and grooms, we have slightly fragmented memories of the day, but your pictures fill the gaps and provide a continuous thread that joins our recollections together into a wonderful narrative. Everyone who has seen the pictures has commented on how you managed to capture the mood and happiness of the day rather than just the events. We can almost hear the music, tears and laughter when we look at them; and there's barely a day goes by that we don't look at them! Your work has allowed us to share our day with many more than could attend and the images will keep it fresh in our minds forever. Thank you both so much."

"Thank you so much for making everything just perfect - we will treasure the beautiful story you have given us forever."

Mitch & John, Ilminster
Emma & Martin

St. Mary's Church, Churston Ferrers, Devon
Kingston House, Kingston Estate, Staverton, Devon

"Just wanted to write you a really quick thank you for your amazing part in our special day. We're going to properly think about a testimonial as there are so many complementary things we have to say but, just for now, a huge thanks and we can't wait to see the pics! Thanks again for everything and we'll write to you again properly very soon."

"Over the last few days we've enjoyed looking at all our beautiful photos almost as much as we enjoyed our wedding. They're all so natural, happy and such a fantastic reminder of the day. Somehow you've managed to capture all those little moments that made it so special. Living in Australia many of our friends from here were unable to come over for the wedding, but, after seeing the pics, we've had a lot of teary messages from people saying they felt like they'd been there. What more could we ask of our wedding photos? Thank you so much."

Emma & Martin, Sydney, Australia

"We are delighted with the way you have managed to convey the happiness and joy we all experienced at Martin and Emma's wedding through your beautiful pictures. Thank you both for all your efforts."

Diana & John, Martin's parents

"You proved to be a perfect team and took some truly stunning shots of Emma and Martin's wedding. By being ever present yet unobtrusive you were able to capture the happy, relaxed atmosphere of a wonderful day."

Margaret & Richard, Emma's parents
Eva & Gee

Hotel Russell, Bloomsbury, London

"I want to say a big thank you for coming to share our day and to capture the moments, I can't wait to see the photos."

"Thanks so much for sending over the link! Have forwarded them on to family already, and they love the photos, you have both done a fantastic job and captured everything! We love all of them! ... It is our honour to have you both take our photos as well as share our big day! Do stay in touch, and definitely will meet again soon, maybe next time it's for pleasure and not for business."

Eva & Gee, London
Diliana & Thomas

Chelsea Old Town Hall, London
The Berkeley, Knightsbridge, London

"I absolutely love the photographs! And yes, they did make me cry and laugh, and made me relive the happiest and most wonderful day in my life. I must have watched them at least 10 times by now. I was supposed to study until the early hours of the morning, and instead, I spent an hour and a half replaying the slideshow, smiling and sobbing like a little child."

Diliana & Thomas, London
Helen & Laurence

All Saints' Church, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire
Bradley House, Maiden Bradley, Wiltshire

""Wow they are fantastic! Thank you so much. I can't stop looking at them!"

"We have been through them so many times and just can't get them any less without losing some of the story ... It's your entire fault for making so many photos so amazing! We really did love them all though."

"Wow. We knew the photos were going to be great but you surpassed even our highest expectations. Somehow you captured all the raw emotion and essence of every precious moment. Every time we look at the album, you take us back to relive the best day of our lives and make us cry and smile all over again. We can't say thank you enough for preserving those memories for us. More than that though, it was a pleasure to have you both with us for our special day."

Helen & Laurence, London
Caroline & Richard

"A very quick thank you for the moment, with a much more comprehensive one to follow very soon! We are over the moon with the photos ... It also seems a few of my friends have admired the photos and will be in touch very soon about their own weddings! We will be in touch again very soon with a full thank you, we were overwhelmed on Wednesday night. Rich walked in from work just after you called and we spent the next couple of hours going through the pictures, we both ended up very hungry and a little overemotional!! Thank you so much."

"I have just spent at least another hour looking at them all over again and reliving the day through the photos for at least the one hundredth time... it's fab!!!!"

"We wanted to say an enormous thank you for capturing the spirit of our wedding day with such beautiful and natural photography. It was a genuine pleasure to share our day with you both: you were so much fun and yet so unobtrusive that we were hardly aware you were taking photographs! There isn't a day that goes by without the both of us looking through our album and seeing something new everytime we look at the photos. We have no hesitation telling our friends how fantastic you were and the proof is in the amazing photographs. You have helped to keep the memories of our special day alive for many years to come, thank you!"

Caroline & Richard, Martock
Sasha & Kevin

Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch, Dorset

"We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for sharing your talents with us on our wedding day. We are so happy to have the story of our day to look back on ... At the end of our wedding day we both agreed it was everything we ever dreamed of. We not only really loved your work but also like you both and felt like you were a couple of old friends capturing our special day."

"Sasha and I are just completing a Digital SLR course at Focal Point studios here in Vancouver. We have been inspired by you both and we are now going on to further our education as we have enrolled in Intermediate Digital SLR and also Wedding Photography ... Suffice it to say, we have become more critical viewers of images as we gain more knowledge and have been viewing other photographer's websites. The more sites we visit, the more we get to appreciate your fabulous work. Without a doubt and with total sincerity, your photographs are way above any others that we have witnessed. We would recommend no other, but you. In our opinion, you are beyond compare. You also happen to be incredibly nice people too. Our wedding was a very special day that we look back on with joy. This is in large part due to the mood, happiness, and emotion that you captured in our wedding images. We have a beautiful record we can continue to look back at to remind us of that wonderful day. Thanks, thanks, more thanks, extra special thanks etc etc"

Sasha & Kevin, British Colombia, Canada
Marian & Jonathan

St. John the Evangelist Church, Elkstone, Gloucestershire
Elkstone Manor, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

"Thanks so much for sending the album layout. Jonathan and I looked through it late last night and were absolutely thrilled with it. You've laid it out so very beautifully. Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort to make it such a stunning record of our special day. It really made us happy to look through it:) Take good care and thanks again for such a wonderful job...we can't wait to get our hands on the finished album."

"You are always so quick and professional in all things. We really have found you to be wonderful people to know and 'work' with. If only everyone had been so pleasant to deal with."

Marian & Jonathan, Addiscombe
Nadya & Anthony

Notley Abbey, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire

"Thank you so so SO much! What a great job you've done!! We really love them all ... We really feel like you captured the atmosphere really well, and they're such gorgeously taken photographs."

Nadya & Anthony, Winchester
Nicola & Mark

St. Mary's Church, Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire
Guyers House, Pickwick, Wiltshire

"WOW!!! We absolutely love every single picture!!! Thank you so much!!!"

"The photos are amazing, we can't stop looking at them, you captured our day just how we wanted. Thank you again."

Nicola & Mark, Trowbridge
Nicky & Max

St. Peter's Church, West Knighton, Dorset
Chantmarle Manor, Frome St. Quintin, Dorset

"We LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos of our wedding. Exactly what we wanted. The photos caused absolutely no disruption of the day. You are very talented discreet artists! You should label yourselves 'translucent photo fairies'! Thank you very much."

"WOW! Love love love the album. Really happy with it thank you! We have so many friends that have just got engaged ... wedding age I suppose! We will continue to pass on rave reviews of your work and maybe see you again one day! Thanks again, we really couldn't have hoped for anything better."

Nicky & Max, London
Hannah & Martin

St. Mary's Chapel, Lulworth Castle, Dorset
Lulworth Castle, East Lulworth, Dorset

"Thanks so much for sending through the photos we are absolutely over the moon with them."

"Thank you very very much we are soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy with them"

"I have just received the album and it looks great! ... Thanks once again for all your work and giving us a wonderful set of pictures to remember our day from."

Hannah & Martin, Weymouth
Shonsel & Tom

St. Audries Park, West Quantoxhead, Somerset

"We have checked out the photos and they are amazing, we are really pleased with them, thank you so much. They are all so fantastic, we loved looking at the ones of each other getting ready. Also we would like to say your personal approach was perfect, we really enjoyed your company at the wedding. It was great to meet you both, thank you again."

Shonsel & Tom, Chippenham
Emma & Iain

St. Mary's Church, Almondsbury, Bristol
Goldbrick House, Bristol, Avon

"We didn't even notice you at the time on the day ... you really did an amazing job at being unobtrusive! ... Thank you so much for capturing the happiness of the day so well."

"I'd like to thank you for the photo's and being there on the day. You seemed to have really captured the atmosphere and moments."

Emma & Iain, Southampton

"I think the photos are absolutely fantastic. They capture the atmosphere of the day perfectly!"

Michelle, Emma's mum
Marion & Will

St. Anne's Church, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire
Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

"We've just been looking through the wedding photo's on your website - they look fantastic! I'm glad the few spots of rain we had didn't spoil things, you seemed to get plenty of good shots both outside and inside, though I had no idea I spent so much time pulling funny faces!! ;^) Thanks so much for everything on the day, it all went really well and we had a really memorable day. It's great to look through the photo's now as it already feels like so long ago - time flies when you're having fun on your honeymoon I guess! Thanks again!"

Marion & Will, London
Joan & Adam

Sherborne Castle, Dorset
Lower Stockbridge Farm Barn, Sherborne, Dorset

"The photos are amazing, we are over the moon with them and have had many compliments including the best wedding photos I have seen from best man Mr Spoon, you really did capture the day as it unfolded (including the whole right finger wrong hand escapade!). Thank you for doing such a great job."

Joan & Adam, Redhill
Vivian & Dat

Great Fosters, Egham, Surrey

"Just wanted to say again a big thanks for Monday. You captured the day perfectly! Looking at them is truly re-living the day for us. We can't stop looking at them and I can't believe its me in those pictures! Thank you so much!"

"Just to confirm that we have received the album and we love it! Thank you so much for everything! It brings back great memories of the day! I just about managed to get on to the tube home, it is massive!"

Vivian & Dat, Buckhurst Hill
Sheena & Chiggs

Chilford Hall, Linton, Cambridgeshire

"Just want to say a HUGE thank you for spending our day with us, we had a fantastic time and hope you did too ... A lot of our friends/family loved the way that you worked and can't wait to see photo's, so I'm pretty sure we'll be passing on your contact details to them soon."

"Thank you so much guys!!! We absolutely love the presentation!! They were amazing, and really captured every emotion!"

"We just want to say a HUGE thank you for the albums! They look absolutely fantastic! We love them! We took the other one over to my parents last night and they loved it along with my sisters! We really appreciate all your hard work! Thanks again!"

Sheena & Chiggs, Bromley
Cerys & Craig

Tone Dale House, Wellington, Somerset

"Waw, waw, waw!!! They are awesome!!!!! Thank you so much, we've had the hankies out re-living the day watching through the slide show! There are some absolute classics in there! I'm gonna get the word out to all the guys so that they can all enjoy it again as well. Thanks again guys ..."

"Can I just reiterate how chuffed we are with the images! So many special moments that really capture the personalities, the joy, the love, and the laughter. They provide the perfect souvenir and enable us to relive the day over and over whenever we choose - thank you so much!"

Cerys & Craig, Taunton
Ali & Rob

St. John the Baptist Church, Symondsbury, Dorset
Marquee at Greenacres, Broadoak, Dorset

"Thank you so so much for our absolutely fantastic photos. We are completely thrilled with how they have come out and so many people have commented how good they are and how lucky we are to have such a great reminder of the day. You have even done the impossible by getting some great photos of both of our mums, very well done! You were both absolutely brilliant, we loved having you there although didn't see you for most of the day which just goes to show how discreet you both were! We really couldn't have picked a better team to capture the mood and memories of our wedding day ... Thank you once again for such fantastic photos."

Ali & Rob, Weybridge
Rebecca & Enda

St. Mary's Church, Stalbridge, Dorset
Hornsbury Mill, Eleighwater, Somerset

"We're really thrilled with them and can't stop looking at them!"

Rebecca & Enda, Sutton

"A little note to say a big 'thank you' to you both for the wonderful professional job you did for Enda and Rebecca. Their wedding photos are all beautiful and their wedding album is a real masterpiece. Thank you again. We'll be recommending your services."

Margaret, Enda's mum
Julia & Péter

Birtsmorton Court, Malvern, Worcestershire

"Thank you so much for your wonderful photographs. We love them. We have been looking at them every day and it makes us so happy, it's by far the best part of our daily routine and what we look forward to! They tell such a story, and capture so many things and moments we wanted to remember, and also so many things we missed on the day. They really show the character and personality of the guests. Seeing them has made our wedding so much more perfect. So many people have written to us saying that they cried whilst watching the photos. It meant such a lot to all the people who could not make it, as they said your photos caught so many of the emotions it was like being there. Despite already knowing your work, and what beautiful photos you take, seeing your pictures from our wedding took my breath away. Péter was absolutely astounded. You have given us so much joy and we could not wish for anything more. We cannot recommend you highly enough to anyone. We did feel like we had two old friends with us on the day. We felt so comfortable, and even though we both have a phobia of having our photos taken, and normally feel very self conscious, we felt neither of these things. It all felt very natural and that is down to your skillful handling! Thank you also for the Hungarian words you put on your website - it was a lovely gesture and all the Hungarians appreciated it very much and were very touched by your efforts! We are both hoping to meet you again sometime soon! We are going to browbeat our friends into first getting married, and then booking you! Not that they'll need any encouragement for the latter though! Thank you again so much."

"It is still amazing to see this album, it brings out all my emotions I have experienced that day just as fresh as the first time I have seen it! I am personally still very, very, very happy that you came to take those photos and spent that day with us!"

Julia & Péter, Bergen, Norway
Ciara & James

Church of the Annunciation, Woodchester, Gloucestershire
The Rectory, Crudwell, Wiltshire

"Love the photos, thank you so so much. Have looked at them several times already!!! They were such a pick me up after we returned from honeymoon yesterday."

"We love the photos and so does everyone else!!! There are some really great ones! ... Hope you are not working too hard and thanks again, we can't stop looking at the photos. I am sure they will be a solution to all our arguments in the future, we just have to see how happy we look!"

"Have looked at the slideshow 3 times today with my work colleagues! Loved it as did they! And looked at it twice last night. Think I may stop now as think I even know the sequence!"

Ciara & James, London

"I thought you did a fantastic job for Ciara and James and thought you reflected the day perfectly in each of the photographs."

Victoria Lowe, Wedding Planner
Sarah & Richard

Clearwell Castle, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

"The photo's are absolutely amazing, and we couldn't be happier with them! We've had 2 weeks to enjoy them and every time I look at them I enjoy them more. You both are incredibly good at what you do!"

Sarah & Richard, Weymouth
Nabilah & Wayne

Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch, Dorset

"I just wanted to email you both before we go away on our honeymoon. We haven't even seen the pictures yet, but I just know they will be amazing. A huge thank you for being so lovely to work with - I hope we both made you feel comfortable. We had many comments from our guests saying how nice you both were!! We had the best day of our lives (everyone kept telling me the stress would be worth it, but I didn't believe it!!) and it was true. I know you will have captured our special moment in time so perfectly. I can't wait to see the photos."

"I have looked at our photos a thousand times already - we're absolutely thrilled. They are perfect and they are everything we hoped they would be. It really was the most special day of our lives and with these photos, our memories will never fade. Thank you also for both being so wonderful to work with - I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to anyone. True professionals with such immense talent for capturing truly special moments. Thank you so very much."

"I'm just emailing you again, because I can't tell you how genuinely happy we are with the photographs. I cant stop looking at them - Wayne is beginning to get annoyed with me being glued to the laptop, going through the photos over and over again!!! I also love the blog you wrote about us! We only met you briefly, but you managed to pick up so much about us - you picked up on things that really matter to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you...."

"Wayne and I wanted to send you a card to say thank you so much for doing an amazing job at our wedding. The album arrived yesterday and it is just perfect. We absolutely love it - our memories won't fade of our perfect day. A million thank yous for being so professional and friendly to work with."

Nabilah & Wayne, London
Carly & Sammi

"These are just fantastic - everything we'd hoped they might be. In fact, the slideshow in sequence is much better than a video of the day so we don't feel at all bad about ignoring my parents advice to have a videographer. And better yet, they agree. Thanks again and we'd be happy to write a glowing testimonial because you guys really contributed hugely to a wonderful day. It and you were perfect."

Carly & Sammi, Dorking
Nickie & KJ

Clearwell Castle, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire

"We just wanted to say thanks soooo much for photographing our wedding - it truly was a pleasure to have you there sharing our special day - and thanks so much for staying the extra time. We thought that your presence added to the fun of the day and we really hope that it wasn't too much hard work!"

"I have just seen them and they are sooo beautiful! KJ is at work and not near a computer so he'll have to wait, but I know he will absolutely love them. Thank you so so much - they capture every special moment and the emotion so well. We knew you were good... but, wow! ... Thank you so much again."

"My apologies for being so late, work has been manic of late, but wanted to thank you personally for the job you did at our wedding on 8th April. The photos are amazing, and everything we hoped they would be (and more!). Thanks for all your hard work on the day. It certainly has paid off and we are very grateful for it ... All the best for the future, we will certainly be recommending you guys and will put your cards in with our thank you notes to everyone!"

Nickie & KJ, Andover

"It is hard to believe that Nickie and KJ have been married almost a year and we all often relive the day through your fantastic photos. Everyone who sees them say they feel as if they were at the wedding - always full of praise for your work ... I will continue to recommend you."

Alison, Nickie's mum
Victoria & Nathan

St. Winnow Church, Lostwithiel, Cornwall
Peregrine Hall, Lostwithiel, Cornwall

"Just wanting to say thanks so much for your wonderful and yet unobtrusive presence at our wedding."

"Fantastic photos. We are so pleased with them - they are everything and more than what we hoped for. We are viewing them from an internet cafe in Hobart."

"A quick note from Tasmania to say thank you both so much for the wonderful photographs. Everyone looks so happy (apart from a few tears ...). I look like I spent the whole day with a broad grin across my face! We've even had a friend who couldn't make it to the wedding say they brought a tear to his eye! Thanks again."

"SO many friends have looked at the photos and told us they have cried looking at the photos - even sat looking at them in the office...!"

"The album has arrived! It is brilliant. We are all so happy with the job you have both done from start to finish. Thanks so much and all the best for the future."

Victoria & Nathan, Sydney, Australia
Sarah & Peter

St. Peter the Apostle Church, Gorleston, Norfolk
Elms Barn, Toft Monks, Norfolk

"I cried all over again! Thank you so much for the wonderful photography, they're even better than we could have imagined. We've sent the link to everyone and they all agree that the pictures are fantastic and reminded everyone how much fun they had on the day. Sarah and I couldn't ask for anything better, they are perfect. Thank you so much for capturing the day so well. All our guests complimented you both for being so nice and friendly and doing such a wonderful job. Some even thought you were just our mates with fancy cameras!"

"We will be advising anyone getting married to contact you as we're at that age now where all our mates seem to be getting engaged. Both our families are still going on about how good all the photos are a month after the wedding!"

Sarah & Peter, Twickenham
Tracey & Nick

Compleat Angler, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

"We love your photos, they really capture the day ... The black and white one of us kissing on the bridge is definitely my favourite, it looks like a still from an old movie, it's hard to believe it's us."

Tracey & Nick, Hook