Sheila & Ajay

Taj Holiday Village, Candolim, Goa, India

"We feel very honoured that you were able to fly out to India to photograph our wedding and hopefully in return you were able to enjoy the celebrations as you became very much a part of the family. We look forward to seeing the photographs, we're sure that they will be amazing."

"The photos are amazing and good choice of background music! We love the end result, you've captured the occasions brilliantly. Once again, we're very grateful to you for flying out to India to photograph our wedding, you remained professional and friendly throughout and both families will never forget you. Thank you so much for everything, you have not let us down."

Sheila & Ajay, London

"Me and Chiggs are just looking at Sheila and Ajay's wedding photos! Oh My God, they are amazing!!! You guys really do know how to capture the moment and grab the emotions ... we feel like we want to go back right now and re-live the whole thing again!! I hope you both enjoyed it as much as we did and you got to chill and make the most of it! The photos are amazing and I hope we get to experience you guys taking photos with us, or friends, family again very soon!"

Sheena, Sheila's sister
Lindsay & Simon

The Barn at Bury Court, Bentley, Hampshire

"Just had another look through the photos, we've lost count how many times we watched them. I can't express how happy we are. You've managed to capture the fun, laughter and emotion of the day perfectly and so many people have said that they are the best wedding photos they've ever seen."

Lindsay & Simon, Walton-on-Thames
Emma & Steve

St. Mary's Church, Orchardleigh Estate, Frome, Somerset
Orchardleigh House, Orchardleigh Estate, Frome, Somerset

"First impressions are that they are even more fantastic than we expected (and having spent a lot of time looking at your website we were already expecting great things)."

"The photos would be wonderful taken in any conditions, but the results that you have achieved in really difficult lighting are quite astounding, and not just once but over and over again, to have produced so many fantastic shots that are well composed, well lit (and the way that you have used the natural light in the house and the church is brilliant) and capture the essence of our day, whilst moving amongst 60-odd people who were really not going to any trouble to help you, makes us so pleased that we chose you. And as you had said, once you had started we simply forgot you were there to the extent that when you said goodbye when you were leaving we were surprised that you were still there. And it was only seeing the photos that reminded us that you were in the car with us on the way back from the church! The other great thing about your method of working is that as well as a wonderful record of our day, we also have an abundance of exceptional photos of our children, friends and family. We knew as soon as we saw your website that you were head and shoulders above any other wedding photographers that we had seen, but in a sense the wedding bit is irrelevant, you just take great photos ... Thanks again."

Emma & Steve, Harpenden
Melissa & Tarik

Nonsuch Mansion, Cheam, Surrey

"We wanted to say thank you - the photos are amazing, such beautiful storytelling and you both captured perfectly the excitement and emotion of our day. There was so much laughter and tears and it brings it back every time we look at the slide show. We just love them ... So many of our friends and family told us afterwards about how they enjoyed your company as you mingled and you really felt part of our wedding day. The photos are really precious to us but it was also your thoughtfulness, advice, professionalism and great company on the day that we cannot thank you enough for."

Melissa & Tarik, London
Sarah & Richard

St. Anne's Church, Oldland Common, Bristol
Priston Mill, Bath, Somerset

"Thank you so much for sending us the slideshow. We fell asleep early last night so got the email this morning and couldn't stop looking at the photos, so we ended up being late for work .. oops! Never mind, it was worth it. We absolutely love the photos, you have captured the day brilliantly."

Sarah & Richard, Oxford
Rosa & Michele

The Roof Gardens, Kensington, London

"We absolutely love it! Thank you thank you thank you! We enjoyed it over and over again till late night last night. So much and so beautiful memory our big day. You ARE fantastic! The light, angle, you caught so many beautiful fun moment of the day. We can not express how much grateful we are for your amazing work. And you are so kind wonderful couple for us to work with. We are so glad that we found you. All our guests are excited watching them now ... Again, we are highly appreciative for your great job! Will highly recommend you to our friends."

"Again, we can not express how much we appreciated your work. Both myself and Michele (not to mention our friends and families) liked so much everything you put together. Everything is so beautiful: the layout, the story, the add-ons, everything. Thank you again."

Rosa & Michele, London
Jenny & Nick

Audleys Wood, Basingstoke, Hampshire

"We had a look at the photos last night and they look absolutely fantastic. It is going to be a tough job editing them down ... Thanks so much for all your hard work."

"We would just like to say thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing job you have done. You were a perfect combination of being great fun to have around, making us laugh out loud, providing some great nuggets of advice (e.g. on dress, waistcoats etc), yet blending into the background so that we hardly even realised you were taking photos! You just felt like some of the guests! Of course, having said that, our guests stayed in the dry, whilst you both stood out in the rain so that we could have our outdoors photos, and were on your feet for hours! We absolutely love our photos, couldn't have asked for more, and genuinely felt that we spent our entire day enjoying the occasion (rather than turning into models with forced smiles!)."

Jenny & Nick, Basingstoke
Holly & Gary

Old Wardour Castle, Tisbury, Wiltshire
Chaffeymoor Grange, Bourton, Dorset

"Again just want to thank you both for everything, we keep replaying the day and you two were such a big part of making it everything we hoped it would be and more! We can't wait to see the pictures, those few teasers you sent through were amazing."

"Just wanted to thank you for the amazing photo's, we have viewed them online quite a number of times now and they are helping to bring back so many happy memories. We took your advice and opened a bottle of wine and turned the music up to view the pics, this probably wasn't the best idea as we both nearly ended up a blubbering mess!! They capture so many great moments, there is one with Holly and her dad and the emotion on his face brings me close (I am Northern after all) to tears every time. Many thanks again we are forever grateful."

Holly & Gary, Semaphore, Australia
Lisa & Matt

Trafalgar Park, Salisbury, Wiltshire

"This is just a little note to say a huge thank you for providing such a wonderful service on our wedding day. Our family and friends loved you, Debi was a saviour in tricky times (eg Gina's dress and sewing kit) and, most importantly, the photos are amazing! We found your write up of the wedding very touching too! We will certainly be recommending you going forward."

Lisa & Matt, London
Erika & Ben

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Barningham Winter, Norfolk
Voewood, High Kelling, Norfolk

"We've just got back to London and unpacked and are about to crash out ahead of an early flight(!!), but before we bid farewell to these shores for a few weeks we just had to send you a quick note to thank you so so much for all your hard work, fun, time and effort in shooting our day. It was a joy to have you both around and we cannot wait to relive the day through your eyes. We'll look forward to speaking soon when we can thank you properly but in the meantime, we hope you had a safe journey home and you have a good few weeks."

"Your photos are amazing! How can we ever thank you enough?! We've looked over them non-stop all weekend. I don't suppose you could shoot more of our life - it looks so much more vivid through your lenses! You've captured every bit of the day and so much of the emotion and sheer fun of it all - and with so many fantastic compositions. Paul, I joked you looked a bit like James Bond in head to toe black, but to have caught all of those moments so naturally, you're more ninja photographers. Well, martial or otherwise, your art is truly stunning and we're lucky that our wedding day got to be a small piece of it. Without a doubt, using you guys was one of the best decisions we made in the whole wedding planning process and we would heartily recommend you to anyone looking at your site - your professionalism and quality speak for itself, but it was also a joy to have you there amongst all of the guests, who you made feel so comfortable ... Thank you so much once again and best wishes."

Erika & Ben, London

"Wonderful. Congratulations on the best wedding photos we have ever seen. You captured every moment of Ben and Erica's great day. It was also a joy meeting you and discussing the football situation etc."

Kay & Ken, Ben's grandparents

"I feel dreadful that it's taken me so long to write and say a massive thank you for all the wonderful photographs you did of the wedding. They are just incredible! I can't imagine any other photographers could have captured the day in such a perfect way - amazing! ... Thank you again for the fabulous record of the day - truly stunning!"

Di, Ben's mum
Emma & Greg

St. Peter's Church, Bishop's Waltham, Hampshire
New Place, Shirrell Heath, Hampshire

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for being our photographers at our wedding back in August. So many people have commented on what beautiful photos you took, and our wedding album is perfect. Thank you also for helping us out on the day and keeping us calm ... Thank you again for capturing our day so beautifully."

Emma & Greg, Bishop's Waltham
Emily & Dominik

Huntsham Court, Tiverton, Devon

"Thank you so much for the photos!! They are fantastic, funny, beautiful - even more than we could have hoped for. We have been looking at them over and over again, laughing and remembering the day. This truly is a unique keepsake. Thank you so much for being part of our day, for staying so long and especially for tuning in so well. Many of our guests have told us how they enjoyed chatting with you. And you still managed to capture all those wonderful moments :) From first to last you've been so helpful and friendly. We couldn't have made a better choice, since we not just got two fantastic photographers at our wedding, but two extra friends who happened to take brilliant photos of the day! ... If you are in Germany at any time, we hope that you will give us a call and visit us! We would love to see you again and show you around the beautiful Lake Constance. Best wishes and many thanks again for your wonderful work!!!"

Emily & Dominik, Ravensburg, Germany
Hayley & Matthew

St. Simon's Church, Southsea, Hampshire
Lythe Hill Hotel, Haslemere, Surrey

"Oh my days we LOVE them!!! Thank you so much, you are both genius. We sat with a glass of wine and watched them and blubbered more than I did on the day ... Thank you both so much, you're brilliant."

"Thank you so much for sending the album, it is amazing. The photos seemed magical online but the album is so beautiful. We've taken it to work and shown our friends and they haven't seen anything like it, and thought it was stunning. We can't wait to show the family on Boxing day. Thank you so much for all your hard work, we will always appreciate all you have done."

Hayley & Matthew, Camberley
Krystle & James

St. John's Church, Warminster, Wiltshire
Orchardleigh House, Orchardleigh Estate, Frome, Somerset

"Wow. James and I were blown away by the sheer emotion and feeling you have captured in every single photo. When we got the news that the photos were ready, I was on a girls weekend in Oxford. All night I was eager to get home to James so we could view the photos together. I am so glad I waited. The beautiful storytelling that was evident in the photos brought us both to tears. It was fantastic being able to witness what the other half was up to the morning of the wedding, and to see the emotion in our faces and that of our family and friends. The best thing was that we were not even aware of most of the photos being taken. We felt so relaxed and happy in your presence and truly felt that you embraced and enjoyed our special day despite the numerous weddings you must have attended. I am so glad we chose you, we will be eternally grateful to you for capturing our priceless memories."

Krystle & James, Eastleigh
Emma & Daniel

St. Peter and St. Paul's Church, Birtsmorton, Worcestershire
Birtsmorton Court, Malvern, Worcestershire

"You both are amazing, really you are. They are out of this world. I will write a proper thank you tomorrow. Thank you so much. I can't believe how good they are. Everyone is in tears."

"Paul and Debi, you really have done us proud. We can not thank you enough for the amazing photo's you have created. You went above and beyond what we ever expected both with quality and service and not only will we recommend you to everyone, our family and friends will too. We have had so many comments from them stating how brilliant and friendly you were on the day and since seeing the photos they just think you are fantastic, one comment from a friend was, 'These are the best wedding photo's I have ever seen', and she was right, they certainly are! Picking the photographer was a big decision for us, we knew we wanted to find the best. We searched everywhere on the internet, we got quotes from dozens of companies, but you could not be beaten. We would regularly keep checking your website to find that a new wedding album had been uploaded and were blown away by the results. Our decision in choosing you was probably the best decision we made througout our wedding planning and we cannot stop smiling and crying when we watch the slideshow. We really did find the BEST! Not only have you produced some amazing photos, you have given us the opportunity to relive our day, every day for the rest of our lives, we truly are very grateful and thank you so much for all your hard work. We look forward to seeing you in the near future when the first of our sisters decides to tie the knot!"

"We were absolutely blown away by the images you had captured throughout the day and we would consider you both, the best in the country and won't stop recommending you to all our friends and family, friends of friends and facebook friends. We couldn't believe how much you did for us on our special day, you really did make it perfect."

Emma & Daniel, Mawson Lakes, Australia
Clare & Paul

St. Michael and All Angels Church, Melksham, Wiltshire
The Park Resort, Wick, Gloucestershire

"Just wanted to say we LOVE the pics! We watched the slideshow about 20 times last night!! They are so moving and even brought tears to my eyes! We now have to go through and decide which ones we want in the album so we're going to sit down over the weekend and choose which ones! It's going to be such a tough decision as we love them all!"

"We've had so many lovely comments from friends and family who have seen the pictures! Victoria came over last night and we were looking at them and she said she wished she had used you for her wedding!"

"We want to say thanks again for doing such a great job. The prints we ordered look fab in the frames. They are such a lovely reminder of the day and when I started looking through them all again it brought it all back! We've been recommending you to family and friends so maybe we'll see you again soon!"

Clare & Paul, Chippenham

"I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a massive Thank you/Well done on the amazing photos that you took for Clare and Paul. They are simply stunning and I know that they are both really pleased with them. You have managed to capture their wedding day just beautifully and I am sure they will look back on them years into their marriage with a smile. It was such a pleasure to work with you again and I hope that we will be working with each other again very soon."

Victoria Lowe, Wedding Planner
Helen & Will

Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

"We love the photos and think they are fantastic! They are just what we hoped for, thank you very much ... Thank you again, we couldn't have wished for a better record of the day."

Helen & Will, Cheltenham
Charlotte & Rob

St. Cross Church, Winchester, Hampshire
Rhinefield House, Brockenhurst, New Forest, Hampshire

"Thank you so much for the images ... they are amazing!! We love them all, so whittling it down has been an absolute nightmare!!"

"Thank you so very much for the perfect set of wedding photographs ... we cannot wait to receive our album, but rest assured, we have sat and watched the sequence on your website so many times! You were both so, so helpful in the planning and preparations, and we will be forever grateful for your guidance in the lead up to and on the day. Thank you both so much once again."

Charlotte & Rob, Winchester
Catherine & Laurence

St. Andrew's Church, Preston, Dorset
Lorton House, Broadwey, Dorset

"... It was such a great day, and you played a really big part in making it so. I have to admit, I felt really nervous about your arrival in the morning. I already had my fair share of wedding nerves, and I was concerned that throwing a photographer into the mix might make me feel even more self-conscious and uncomfortable. I was also worried that we might have to put on some kind of a 'show' for the cameras, and I knew I wasn't capable of that. However, from the moment Debi arrived in the room, I felt incredibly comfortable and calm around her. I can't believe that I was happy to get dressed and put make up on with someone taking photos the whole time, but that's how easy you made it. Thank you so much Debi, and Holly says a big thank you for the safety pins!When we chose you as our wedding photographers, we were hoping that you would blend in with the guests, and be almost unnoticed during the day. In the event, it was so much better than that. Rather than being unnoticed, it felt like you were part of the wedding, like any other guest, and Laurence and I were genuinely glad to have you there. Your willingness to chat to our friends and family (and even take part in the cricket game Paul!) was very much appreciated, and we had so many comments the next day about how great you were. So many of our recently married friends had warned us that the photos would be one of the most difficult parts of the day, and yet you made it all so easy. At no point did we feel that we had to do anything special for the camera, yet I am sure that you got more than enough photos to tell the story of our day. We have had a lot of decisions to make over the organisation of this wedding, but I can quite confidently say that choosing you was the best (and all this without even seeing the photos yet!). Thank you so much for being a part of our day, we can't wait to see the photos when they do go up, and I promise that we will get back to you about the album as soon as we are able to take a break from lazing on sandy beaches, eating exotic foods, hiking through stunning scenery, etc. etc.!"

Catherine & Laurence, Weymouth

"Thank you for letting us know the photos are up. We are currently staying in Hollywood, in the world's noisiest hostel, so we didn't get to watch them in the most ideal place. We were stuck sitting in a crowded kitchen, surrounded by drunken 18 year olds and completely unable to hear the music over the racket, but despite this they were still fantastic! We've seen so many photos from friends and family that I was worried I wouldn't feel anything special when we were watching them, but I needn't have worried. They were wonderful and I could tell from Laurence's giant grin that he loved watching them as much as I did. They even made me forget our grubby surroundings for a few minutes! We're moving on to New Zealand tomorrow, and I'm hoping that we will be able to find a bit of peace and quiet to sit and watch them properly, with the music this time, and we'll try and send a proper thank you email then. At the moment, I just want to say how grateful I am that you managed to get so many lovely photos of my grandma. I hardly got to see her on the day because she couldn't stay long, and now I obviously am not going to see her for some time, so these are really special to me."

Catherine & Laurence, Hollywood

"Thank you so much for everything Debi and Paul, Catherine said a lot of what we felt. Our wedding photos were a big disappointment years ago and I so hoped that Catherine and Laurence would choose well as you cannot replace those memories. What can we say, you felt like a part of our family so quickly, and knowing how much Catherine was dreading having photos taken as she didn't want to be the centre of attention, although we did say that would be hard, you have managed something I never thought possible in catching the Catherine and Laurence we know and love showing their true selves, you have captured some wonderful memories and as you rightly suggested we did have tears and laughter. As Catherine said the photos of my mother will be so important to us, everyone has told us how much they love looking at the photos. You have managed to make people Catherine hasn't seen for a while and who don't know her family cry and laugh, but most of all you have encapsulated the whole enjoyment of a very special day for a lot of people to keep for years to come and we cannot recommend you highly enough. Hopefully we may meet again, after all we still have one daughter left!!!"

Sue & Brian, Catherine's parents
Shonsel & Tom

St. Audries Park, West Quantoxhead, Somerset

"First I must apologise unreservedly for not thanking you both nearer the time for our fantastic wedding photos. We have just moved and to our horror have found a small stack of thank you letters that we each thought the other had sent, including the one addressed to you. I've just been looking at the pictures again this morning and once more I have been blown away by how fantastic they are. You were certainly the perfect choice for us; your style of photography without cringe-worthy posing have left us with not only a permanent record of the whole wedding but the mood and atmosphere of the day too. Having one of you with each of us gave us an exciting glimpse into the other's preparation, of which we would otherwise have been oblivious and is a source of constant fascination to me every time I look through the album! In addition to the spectacular shots, the service you both offered was of the highest possible standard imaginable; completely laid-back and stress free throughout the whole process while being consummately professional. It was an absolute pleasure for you to be at our wedding and we would have no qualms whatsoever in recommending Simpson Photography unreservedly to anyone considering wedding photography."

Shonsel & Tom, Chippenham
Lindsay & Matt

St. Mary's Church, Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire
Marquee at Armour Farm, Meadle, Buckinghamshire

"Just wanted to say that the pictures are amazing!! I don't think I will ever get bored of watching the slide show and after countless times I am still finding tears in my eyes! You not only captured the day but you somehow caught each person's character, we couldn't be happier! Many people commented to us how friendly they found you both and, considering how many photos you got, I never once felt like I was being photographed ... Thanks again."

"Thank you so much for the album, it is so gorgeous it brought me to tears the first time I looked at it! It will now start its tours around the country to various family and friends! A few people I have already shown have said it's the best wedding album they have ever seen, and I definitely agree."

Lindsay & Matt, Aylesbury
Rachael & Dan

Tattershall Castle, Lincolnshire
Petwood Hotel, Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire

"Firstly I wanted to thank you both for everything at the wedding. You are really great people who made everything very easy and smooth for us. Everyone commented on how nice you were and how impressed they were with the way you worked. So a massive thank you from me and Rach and was so good to meet you. We certainly felt immediately comfortable with you both and by the end it was as if you were guests at the wedding we had known for ages."

"I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the photos, they are without a doubt some of the best photos I have seen and I must say for me I just absolutely love the photos you took of our families. It makes such a change to have natural photos of them and the photos not only look great but you have really managed to capture their personality. I think we all have watched the photos over and over again now, as they really do tell the story and emotions of the day and they are a great reminder. However, Dan has now banned me from having the music on as I have played it too much now!!"

"Dan brought the album back last night, and it looks fantastic much better then we could ever imagine. I must have looked through it about 20 times. The quality is amazing and what I love about it is that there is a story behind every photo ... Thank you so much for giving us such a great memory of the day."

Rachael & Dan, Lucerne, Switzerland
Laura & Adrian

Cotswold House Hotel, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire

"Oh my god, they are amazing. I have just watched them three times in a row, and couldn't stop crying (in a good way). I can't wait to show Adrian tonight! Thank you so so much. We will come back to you ASAP - though it may take us some time to whittle them down as there are sooo many fabulous ones to choose from!"

"Paul and Debi photographed my wedding, and as a result we have the most awesome, amazing wedding photos ever. My husband is a keen amateur photographer and so we researched wedding photographers quite carefully, but the moment I saw Paul and Debi's photos I knew they were the ones for us. They are in my opinion among the best wedding photographers in the country, but their prices are unbelievably reasonable. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

Laura & Adrian, London
Lori & Ross

Combe House, Gittisham, Devon

"We just wanted to drop you a quick note from sunny Cornwall to say that we hope you got home OK and thank you so so much for everything on Sunday. You both went well and truly beyond the call of duty, stayed so long with us, and did so much that we really can't thank you enough. From my point of view it was like having a second best man with me there in the morning. I can't believe what a mess I was and don't know what I would've done without you Paul. Your reassurance and calmness really helped me get through things (sorry about all that - I really didn't make it easy on you). And Debi, Lori was so very grateful to you for everything you did over with the girls in the morning. We have heard nothing but great things about both of you from our guests - all saying what lovely people you were (most people thought you must have been friends/relatives because you were so nice!!) and that you just didn't stop working, from the first moment to the last. We couldn't have asked for anything else, and thank you so much for sharing - and in fact helping so much - our special day."

"WOW!!! What can we say, thank you doesn't seem enough as the pictures are so much more than we'd imagined and that's saying something! We must have looked through the whole album a dozen times last night and each time it made us laugh and cry (not as much as on the day though you'll be relieved to hear Paul!) We don't know how you do it but you've managed to capture all the emotion and fun of the day so well."

Lori & Ross, London
Emma & Ben

St. Audries Park, West Quantoxhead, Somerset

"WOW, WOW, WOW & WOW!!! As we sit here having just viewed the pictures from our special day the memories have all come flooding back, along with tears of so much happiness. I think it's a first to say that we are both speechless!!!! Thank you SO much for your unique approach in capturing our day so magically, so honestly and so completely. Your stunning pictures will forever enable us to go back to the best day of our lives and re-live those special moments. We cannot wait to show Max in the morning who was in no doubt the absolute star of the day. Thank you both from the bottom of our hearts!"

"Truly stunning! What is testament to your style of photography, is the true emotions captured with every shot. Thank you both so very much, you've captured every moment of the day so perfectly, we are over the moon. I had to watch the slideshow a few times as I had floods of tears practically the whole way through. Wow what a day! ... I cannot talk highly enough of you both and will definitely recommend you to everyone I know. THANKS."

Emma & Ben, London
Christabel & Alex

St. Leonard's Church, Semley, Dorset
Marquee at Long Paddock, Gutch Common, Dorset

"The photos look amazing! It was such a nice welcome back from our honeymoon to come home on Wednesday evening and watch the slideshow of all the pictures with my family and see the whole day again. I can't wait to show them to everyone."

Christabel & Alex, London
Raquel & Adam

Coppleridge Inn, Motcombe, Dorset

"LOVED THE PHOTOS!!! It truly made us relive our day ... Thank you so much!!!"

"Oh my God, the photos are simply gorgeous! We absolutely love them!!! Thank you so much for really capturing the spirit of our day!!! (It made me - Raquel - cry again, what a surprise! hahaha) ... Oh, we are sooo pleased with the photos ... Thank you once again!!!"

"Just can't stop looking at the photos ... Thanks for everyone that came and made our day even more special! And thanks again to Paul and Debi for the lovely pictures. It will make it possible for me to share such amazing moments with my family all the way back in Brazil."

Raquel & Adam, Portsmouth
Victoria & Michael

St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London
Museum of Garden History, Lambeth, London

"Really briefly - in expensive hotel internet room in Yunnan Province, China. We love the photos - everything we hoped for and more. More detailed praise to follow!"

"Don't ask anyone else to take your wedding pictures. My wife and I are picky and demanding when it comes to photography - both of us work in the media and take imagery very seriously. Paul and Debi produce a very high standard of work both creatively and technically. They are also thoroughly professional before after and during the most important day of your life. We were the second couple in my family to use the Simpson service and I'm sure we won't be the last - we'll recommend them to friends and family without hesitation."

Victoria & Michael, London
Kimberley & Mike

Bovey Castle, Dartmoor National Park, Devon

"We are extremely grateful for the lengths you went to and for your dedication ... Your friendly and relaxed nature was a comfort for our guests and your non-intrusive/discreet and flexible approach to photography allowed you to capture our wedding in a natural and fluent manner - we both thank you for this. But it was the small things you did that really stood out for us; remembering the names of our guests; you took a personal interest in who we were and understood our family compositions - making the most of opportunities to capture key family members together sharing an intimate moment; and your honest and unassuming humble manner. The proof gallery contained some amazing photos, accurately depicting the entire day. You have delivered exactly what we were looking for - tangible memories of our closest family and friends sharing the emotional highs and lows, tears and laughter."

Kimberley & Mike, Palmerston, New Zealand
Tanya & Russell

West Stoke House, Chichester, West Sussex

"We must have looked at these pictures at least a hundred times by now. You captured every minute and will allow us to re-live the most amazing day of our life, time and time again. You have surpassed our expectations a million times over. Truly unbelievable. Your style of photography has allowed us to truly spend time observing our emotions and those of our family and friends, in a manner that would be lost in video. We can not thank you enough. Any couple would be lucky to work with you and we feel blessed to have had the honour."

Tanya & Russell, Copthorne
Kate & Billy

Larmer Tree Gardens, Tollard Royal, Wiltshire

"They are absolutely incredible - you somehow have captured every last detail and emotion of both us and our guests - thank you so much. You are right you really do relive the day through the photos. How can anyone have the posed photographers at their wedding when you can have this???! We will recommend you to everyone we can assure you! ... Thank you again - we love them."

"Thanks Debi and Paul, we hope to cross paths again. We've had so many positive and complimentary comments about your talents, we hope some business will come out of it in the future for you."

Kate & Billy, London
Becky & Andy

All Saints Church, Branston, Lincolnshire
Marquee at Springfield House, Branston, Lincolnshire

"Just wanted to send a really quick email to say the photos are fantastic, I can't stop looking at them - Andy had to practically drag me off the laptop last night!! We will take the time to write something proper on your website at a later date, but thought you would like to know how happy we are ... Thanks once again, you guys are so talented I feel so jammy for finding you in the first place!!"

"Now we have both settled back into normal life, we've got the time to write you a proper thank you, although having said that, I'm not sure we can put into words how delighted we are with the photos. Having a truly amazing set of photos to remember our wedding by was always of paramount importance to us. Your wedding photos are with you forever so choosing the right photographer becomes one of the more weighty decisions you make in the whole wedding planning process. With a stroke of luck we found both of you. The collection of pictures you have left us with are breathtaking. We had the perfect wedding day, even the weather was glorious and we now have a captivating collection of photographs that depict the love, laughs and happiness of the day .... there's not a lot else we could have asked for! It was an absolute pleasure to have you at our wedding, not that we even noticed you for most of the day. Your experience shines through and your advice on the finer details was really helpful and reassuring. You are both extremely talented (as well as lovely!!) individuals and we would certainly recommend you to any couple looking for a photographer, although that's probably not necessary as the photos speak for themselves! Our friends and family are, without question, full of praise, and its wonderful to know that so many people are getting such enjoyment from the pictures. Thanks once again, you have left us with such wonderful memories of our big day."

Becky & Andy, Ipswich
Sheila & Ajay

Chilford Hall, Linton, Cambridgeshire

"A huge thanks to you both for your help on our wedding day. There were several unexpected challenges that we had to overcome (getting changed in an out of order mens room, the rain, the food running late, to mention a few) but having you both there certainly helped a great deal, so thanks again."

"Firstly what can we say other than WOW! and Thanks! The professional pictures turned out absolutely amazing and are everything we could have possibly asked for. Both families love it too. You are both very talented people."

Sheila & Ajay, Bromley
Elyse & Andy

St. Mary the Virgin Church, Piddlehinton, Dorset
Lower Stockbridge Farm Barn, Sherborne, Dorset

"Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. These pictures are FANTASTIC!!!! I knew they would be good, but these literally took my breath away! Everyone I have showed them to loves them, and many cried when they saw them! My dad looked at them and said it was like reliving the day. You guys really are so talented. Thank you again for capturing our day so well. Every time we look at these it will take us back to that day!! Thank you thank you thank you!!"

Elyse & Andy, Poole

"I do not know how many times now I have looked at the photos of Elyse and Andy's wedding but each time it has brought me to tears. And our friends and family who have seen them say the same. All who see them are astounded at your beautiful work. Without awkward posing you recorded so many small, meaningful moments of the day for us to relive time and again. You captured the joy we all felt on one of the happiest days of our lives. We can only hope that when Elyse's sister and maid of honor, Samantha, gets married you will be available to plan a working holiday in the States. Thank you for your talented, creative and magical photos of Elyse and Andy's wedding day. We will enjoy them for many years."

Metta & Nick, Elyse's parents, Jacksonville, Florida
Annahita & Philipp

The Master Builder's, Buckler's Hard, New Forest, Hampshire

"Just a VERY quick note because I should be packing for Africa and we have to leave in half an hour. But I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH. We had such an amazing day, and you two were really a part of it. Philipp can't stop talking about how great you were Paul and Debi you were amazing, especially with your little bag of emergency tricks! I will send you a longer note when we get back but couldn't wait to say thanks."

"We arrived back from Africa this morning, albeit without our luggage (no idea where that is now!) and had such a wonderful time. It seemed a little deflating to come back home, but that was quickly rectified by a nice cup of tea in front of your photos. We both cried. They are honestly the most wonderful depiction of the day, and it's so wonderful to re-live it again through the pictures."

Annahita & Philipp, Zurich, Switzerland

"Hope you're both well! I just popped onto the website tonight on the off chance that there might be some photos... and there was! I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how fantastic they are and how well they tell the story of the day. I think I only got as far as the third photo before the tears started, soppy cow that I am! You were both so brilliant on the day, Debra I don't think we could have done without you and your magic bag of tricks in the room whilst Annahita was getting ready - you certainly were a lifesaver. I'm so over the moon with the photos, I can't wait until Annahita gets a chance to see them, she's going to be as bowled over as I was. Once again, many thanks - absolutely no doubt in my mind that you would be my only recommendation of photographers."

Leila, Annahita's sister
Natasha & Dominic

Our Lady of the Assumption Church, Tavistock, Devon
Tavistock Town Hall, Devon

"We love the photos! Dom wouldn't let us watch them until last night and we finished a bottle of champers during the process. Both our parents think they are fantastic too, my mum has watched them about 10 times already! ... Thank you so much for attending and being part of our day, it really went well and we are so pleased that the photography reflects this."

"We wanted to write and thank you both personally for the fantastic pictures you took at our wedding. When we first stumbled across your website on the hunt for our photographs the pictures we saw not only proved that reportage was the style we were after but that you both captured the day as we imagined. Now your previous wedding photos on your site did set very high standards but we can truly say that the results of our wedding photos did not disappoint. You both not only made Tash and I feel at ease and comfortable but within such a short space of time it felt you were part of the family as you took the photos. The way you captured both Tash and I, the guests, but also the different settings throughout the day has been incredible and everytime we look back at them, we keep seeing bits of photos we haven't seen before ... Thank you both again for everything you did on the wedding day and for staying that little bit longer to capture 'the dance off'!"

Natasha & Dominic, Saffron Walden